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 A melody to the silent rhythm of life.

A Few Words

Kaapo Gunari focuses on giving a melody to the silent rhythm of life. The melody comes from past experiences and his present commitment to the future.

"Imperceptible Truth" is the first of the many albums still to be introduced by Kaapo Gunari. Each track is a direct reflection of his life, the ups and downs,  the consequences he had to face for his actions and his current perception of it. Being raised by a single mother who was struggling to make ends meet when he was fifteen he had took the matters in to his own hands. By the time he was eighteen he had made a name for himself and became addicted to what he refers to as "street fame". The money he was making and the attention he was getting the positive side was microscopic in comparison with the negative impact that it took on his life. Faced with jealousy, envy, not knowing who to trust, steady looking over his shoulder began destroying him as a person and soon the hunger for power evolved into violence. It wasnt until his late twenty's when he realized that he was fighting for an illusion when in reality true power can not be taken away by a bullet ...

Imperceptible Truth

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